A 34 square meter prefabricated and modular mini-house |Elle Decor

2022-06-20 22:38:21 By : Mr. Roc Yuan

The Tini team invites us to discover one of their latest creations, a micro house in the north of Madrid that blends into the landscape"Serial and modular constructions made in 60 days, 100% made in Spain. They are transported wherever you want and arrive completely finished and equipped, ready for operation".With these words, the Tini team presents its mini-houses, available in two sizes (even if they can be made to measure) and completely customizable.And, since a picture is worth a thousand words, they invite us to enter one of the latest tiny houses they have installed in the north of Madrid.This is the M Tini model, a space of 34 square meters, with a price starting at 48,900 euros.The module was installed next to it on a large summit, respecting as much as possible the existing trees on the ground.One of its facades is in semi-oxidized Corten steel, to "blend in with the surrounding environment and blend it with the shadows generated by the branches of the trees and the movement of the bushes", explain the architects, and the other is in glass, " so that the owner feels totally immersed in the beautiful holm oak ".The 34 square meters of the mini-cottage is divided between an open space with a bedroom, a living area with a fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen (ceramic hob, paneled refrigerator and extractor hood included) and a bathroom separated from the rest.In contrast to the rough exterior of the house, the interior is warm and welcoming, thanks to the oak floor and birch walls, the same wood used for the kitchen cabinets, which have been combined with a Corian countertop. .The tiny house is insulated with 14 centimeters of recycled cotton, to which is added a continuous multi-reflective insulation, while the low-emission and solar control windows are designed to contain heat dispersion."The result is a very warm space, a refuge completely connected to the surrounding environment", say its creators.And we completely agree.