Two thirds of aluminum waste is thrown in the wrong container

2022-07-14 19:15:32 By : Ms. Chloe Zhou

Follow us on social networks:Stock image of aluminum cans.BallThe aluminum objects that are deposited in the container of the remains, gray in color, are twice as many as those that go correctly to their specific one, the yellow one, according to the data presented this Thursday by Arpal, the association that promotes the recovery of this bauxite metal.During 2021, 19,200 tons were collected in yellow containers, compared to 34,700 for gray, according to information provided by Arpal during a webinar organized by the Association of Environmental Information Journalists (APIA), although the recycling figures for this material have returned. to go up in Spain.If in 2020 there were 64,300 tons, in 2021 they reached 77,700, which means that the percentage of material recovered in relation to that manufactured went from 54% to 57.6%.The European Directive 2018/852 establishes that in 2025 50% of aluminum containers must be recycled and, in 2030, 60%, so at this moment the objective set for three years has already been exceeded.Juan Ramón Meléndez, director of the Association of Beverage Cans -a leading product in the recovery of this material-, indicated during this forum that 75% of production generates these containers and that their recycling accounts for 92% of the total.Meléndez added that aluminum has displaced steel as the material for cans, accounting for 92% of their composition, and that they have been reducing their weight until today reaching 12 grams.Depositing an aluminum can in the yellow container "ensures that it will be recycled by 99%, while doing it in the gray container reduces that possibility to 40%" and hence the importance of specific campaigns to change habits, "especially outside from home, since in the home the separation of aluminum objects is higher -83%- than what is done in other areas".Olga Roger, director of Arpal, has added that there is "ignorance, the yellow container is associated with plastic, when it also receives 'bricks' and aluminum containers, as well as other elements, such as the 'tie' of wine bottles or hair salon sprays.Awareness campaigns affect uses outside the home, especially in the case of large events, beaches or offices, where the tons of aluminum that were recycled accounted for 15,800 tons in 2021.According to the participants in the seminar, aluminum is the most valuable recycled material and it is also very easy to do so, since in two months an object deposited in a container can be transformed into another, ready for a new use.In addition, production with recyclable material reduces the energy expenditure required for the production of a new element by 95%.Enjoy all the news© Zeroa Multimedia, SA All rights reserved