All Residents Accounted For In Deadly South Sacramento Fire That Burned 18 Mobile Homes And 5 Houses – CBS Sacramento

2022-07-15 13:03:33 By : Ms. Vivian Yuan

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — All residents have been accounted for following a deadly fire in South Sacramento on Friday night.

One person has died and two people were injured. Several more were missing after the fire, but fire officials say all of the residents living in the area have been accounted for.

All persons are accounted for. Metro Fire’s investigators are continuing the investigation for cause and origin. A press release will be presented when the investigation is complete.

— Metro Fire of Sacramento (@metrofirepio) August 28, 2021

It’s a devastating situation for those who lost everything in the blaze. According to Metro Fire of Sacramento, the 4-alarm fire burned 18 mobile homes and five houses, displacing a total of 30 residents. May pets died in the fire.

The incident happened in the 6500 block of Den Avenue. As many as 10 homes burned and grass fires broke out, knocking down power lines and possibly gas lines.

The two people who were injured have been transported to the hospital for treatment. The condition of those people has not been released. Details about the person who died have not yet been released by firefighters.

It was a scramble for residents to get out before flames hit.

“I was petrified. I didn’t think I could get everybody out in time. it shifted so quickly. I was going that way…I thought we were OK…and the next thing you know, it was headed towards us,” said Jill Ghiery. “I had to carry one lady out on my back….”