Tini, prefabricated mini-house Made in Spain

2022-06-20 22:38:19 By : Ms. jenny li

Tini is a prefabricated module that comes from Spain and promises to offer a quick and easy solution to implement for those who want to live in natureA prefabricated module in the shape of a parallelepiped, ready to move to any corner of the world: this is Tini®, a mini-house dedicated to those who dream of a real home, which is built in just 60 days and adapts to any context and condition.Designed in Spain by the delavegacanolasso studio, the tiny house is as light and linear as a box, whose small size, only 34 square meters, does not compromise comfort and convenience.The customizable interiors are designed to offer a feeling of warmth, which passes through the choice of birch wood and natural oak to envelop the space.This soft shell contrasts with the rough exterior: the façade is in fact made of glass and corten steel, a resistant material already oxidized by time, whose shaded color follows the play of shadows cast by the foliage of the trees.Thus the Spanish cottage seeks a mimetic contact with the natural environment, a communion that is in its very DNA.The living space is like a small parenthesis that always remains open, a welcoming refuge, but sparse, almost temporary, because the call of nature is too strong to remain closed in the house.The attention to the landscape is also manifested in the constructive approach, totally sustainable.The module is self-sufficient, zero impact, and leaves a minimal footprint on the ground where it is placed.Also of note is the thermal insulation, obtained thanks to 14 cm of recycled cotton that are added to a layer of continuous reflective glass, with a low emission rate.Returning to the interior, in the model shown here we can see a birch wood kitchen with a Corian top, equipped with a hob, extractor hood and integrated refrigerator, placed on one side of the space, while the bed is taken on the opposite side, in an open space where there is no separation between functions and moments of domestic life.Obviously, you can't miss the bathroom, crouched where you can't see it.This is enough to define a complete living dimension, in which there is all the essentials, with the added value of absolute flexibility.To live where and how you want, in a house that is small but small but dreams big.