Design: also in Italy the Steel Detailer, the professional of steel structures who acts as a link between designers and carpentry, is established -

2022-06-23 02:49:13 By : Ms. Tracy Wang

The obelisk of the Fashion Outlet Village in Settimo Torinese, the roof of the Tehran shopping center and the renewal of the A24 viaducts have one thing in common: the 3D models of their steel structures were created by the steel detailer Alessio Tovazzi, founder of the Studio Tovazzi of Rovereto.Rovereto, 1 June 2022 - Bridges, buildings, roofs: all these structures now belong to our daily life and in many cases are made up of steel cores.The architect designs them and shapes them, the engineer sizes them for the loads they have to support and the carpenter takes care of building them and making them real.Within this path, however, there is another figure, the steel detailer.That is, the professional who translates projects into graphic models, thus offering carpentries precise indications for the construction of structures.If performed with the right skills and the most advanced software, this step has enormous benefits for the success of the project and for its economic sustainability.In fact, in prefabricated steel structures, even an error of a few millimeters can lead to delays or difficulties in assembly.This profession is already established overseas, to the point that an international trade association (the National Institute of Steel Detailing) was founded in Livermore (California) in 1969 and there are dozens of training courses between the United States and Canada.In Italy, however, steel detailer is still a little known job.One of the first to "put his face" is Alessio Tovazzi, owner of Studio Tovazzi in Rovereto since 2015.Using software such as AVEVA Bocad and Trimble Tekla Structures, Alessio Tovazzi and his team examine the project drawings and then create a three-dimensional model of the entire construction, propose solutions to the various problems that have emerged and, if necessary, perform structural calculations. .Each 3D model includes not only the complete structure of all the elements to be made, but also the components of the surrounding environment that could cause interference.In other words, it is a real simulation of the scenario in which the editor will work.This significantly reduces the risk of inaccuracies that can lead to cascading problems and delays, even when the discrepancy is only a few millimeters.The constant dialogue with architects, engineers and carpenters, in addition to the skills and experience gained in the field, allows us to foresee any problems and to offer solutions to create even ambitious works.Works such as the replacement of 6 viaducts on the A24 - Autostrada dei Parchi: the obsolete reinforced concrete structures have been replaced by new steel systems, whose workshop constructions have been commissioned to Studio Tovazzi by TOTO Holdings Spa. BIT Spa has chosen the expertise of Studio Tovazzi for workshop constructors for the manufacture of blocks and construction site equipment essential for the connection and junction of the obelisk of the Fashion Outlet Village in Settimo Torinese, designed by architect Claudio Silvestrin.There is no shortage of international contracts in the firm's portfolio.Like the three-dimensional model of the roof of the Tehran shopping center, made up of reticular beams 50 meters wide that are repeated along a total area of ​​9 thousand square meters.For this task, entrusted to him by Maffeis Engineering Spa, the team had to adapt the type of file produced to the technical needs of Iranian carpentry.Cimolai Spa, on the other hand, was commissioned to create the workshop constructions for the steel structure of the P5K pedestrian walkway in London, a complex architectural structure made up of several mushroom-shaped metal "islands" connected to each other by a system of walkways. suspended.The presence of glass parapets, wooden walkways, flower beds and benches contribute to enrich the building, all architectural elements for which adequate supports and arrangements must be made.Studio Tovazzi has also provided all the material necessary to build the perimeter walls, ventilation channels and closing windows of The Shed, an iconic work also created by Cimolai Spa, which is part of the urban redevelopment project of the Hudson district. in Manhattan.It is a building supported by eight wheels that allow the adjacent square to be transformed into an indoor amphitheater in just a few minutes.It is equipped with curtain walls, side windows and ventilation systems that allow you to experience the space in a flexible way.Studio Tovazzi is a company specialized in steel detailing design.Founded by Alessio Tovazzi in 2015, it creates workshop executives for the carpentry sector.Always passionate about design in the building environment, Alessio Tovazzi started working at an engineering company in Rovereto, where he was able to follow important projects and increase his knowledge in the field of topography, shipbuilding and above all of prefabricated structures in steel.Today the studio operates in the sector of the construction of workshop constructions, offers Topography services (thanks to the avant-garde technological equipment).Starting from the project drawings, three-dimensional models of the entire construction are created, solutions to various problems are proposed and, if necessary, structural calculations are carried out.Thanks to 3D modeling it is possible to have a complete view of the construction and avoid manufacturing or installation problems on the construction site since all the elements of the surrounding environment that could cause interference are also included in the digital model.