Removals in maritime containers by Mudanzas BCN Internacional

2022-07-30 00:53:29 By : Ms. Maggie Chen

Sea freight for international removals offers many advantages in order to ship belongings from one continent to another.Whether for work reasons or for personal needs, a move includes the transport of various goods that are in the home.Consequently, special care must be taken so that they arrive in the best possible conditions and, in this sense, Mudanzas BCN Internacional reveals the benefits of moving by sea.Maritime transport is a viable option for moving appliances, furniture and other items from one space to another.Although this type of transfer is used mostly for commerce, in terms of removals it allows handling a large volume of weight, since the load is located in a resistant container that protects your furniture and personal belongings during the trip, prior super packaging.Depending on the amount of goods that you want to move, you choose the capacity of the container, the 20-foot container offers 30 cubic meters divided into six meters long by 2.3 meters wide by 2.4 meters high that supports up to 20 tons of weight.For its part, the 40-foot doubles the measurements and is ideal for a complete move that can include up to one vehicle, since it allows up to 40 tons of maximum weight.Carrying out a move is not a simple process and even more so when the transfer is going to be taken to another continent.In this sense, the company has more than 20 years in the removals sector, which is why it has perfected the quality of its international maritime transfer service.For this, it has a fully trained staff that carries out the packing and unpacking of the furniture, ample spaces to protect the cargo before and after the trip.The company also has professional transfer teams to give a complete treatment to the belongings.In the same way, it has its own delegation in Madrid, the Balearic Islands, Malaga and the main headquarters in Barcelona and works with collaborators around the country, as well as around the world, to develop reliable removals.In addition, the move is delivered 30 days after packing, obviously depending on the destination, availability of boats, etc.Likewise, maritime trips are extremely reliable with Mudanzas BCN Internacional, since it offers insurance policies that cover all the articles that are going to be sent.In relation to the general protection guarantee, this service can be used when family heirlooms of high economic and sentimental value are transferred.Shipping by sea has innumerable advantages and the main one is that you can reach any part of the world, which is why the company presents different options for international removals.All rights reserved.This information is for the exclusive use of Confidencial Digital readers.Its dissemination or citing the source is not authorized.Confidential Publications.C/Naranjo 3, 1º Dcha 28039 Madrid.Telephone: +34 91 445 96 97