Man jailed for filming female condo residents bathing through their toilet windows, victims include 8-year-old girl - TODAY

2022-06-16 06:22:30 By : Mr. Jackie Guo

SINGAPORE — While standing along the common corridor of a condominium complex, Tok Zhi Xiang filmed three female residents, aged between eight and 45, showering in their toilets with his mobile phone.

He was finally caught after one of the victims noticed him through the toilet window.

On Thursday (June 16), Tok, a 22-year-old Malaysian who also lived at the condo, was sentenced to 16 weeks’ jail after pleading guilty to two counts of voyeurism. Another three similar charges were taken into consideration for sentencing.

The court heard he had filmed the three victims naked in their respective toilets on at least three occasions before he was nabbed. 

Court documents did not state how far the toilet windows in the condo are from the common corridor.

The victims, as well as the condo where they lived, cannot be named due to gag orders to protect their identities.

In February, he took two videos of the eight-year-old girl showering by standing at the common corridor and filming her through the window.

Then, around 11pm on March 3, he secretly took nine videos of a 26-year-old woman nude in the toilet of another residence. He also filmed her 45-year-old domestic helper.

Four days later, he was on his way home around 10.50pm when he decided to walk around the condo before going back to his unit.

He noticed that the lights were still on in the 26-year-old victim’s unit’s toilet, and he could also hear the sound of water flowing. He then stood at the common corridor once more and held his mobile phone up, aiming it towards the toilet for a few seconds.

After checking that the footage managed to capture the victim showering, he continued filming until he heard her shout.

He immediately deleted the footage from his phone, the court heard.

When the victim's father and brother checked outside their unit, they saw Tok loitering outside and confronted him, asking to see his mobile phone.

Tok refused to hand the device over, claiming he had nothing to do with the matter and pretending he had seen two persons walking away quickly. The other men then called the police.

When police officers arrived, Tok confessed to his crimes. During the investigation, 14 obscene videos were discovered in his mobile phone.

For each voyeurism offence, he could have been jailed for up to two years, fined, caned, or be punished with any combination of the three.

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