The perfect modular and design mini prefabricated house |Elle Decor

2022-06-22 15:07:33 By : Mr. Harry Davies

Everything you need in 34 square meters.Produced in 60 days and delivered everywhereYoung couple looking for home.It is not an advertisement, it was the reality of the owners of this prefabricated house, installed on a farm in Cuenca, a Spanish municipality in the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha.They did not want to wait the time for a traditional construction solution and, after evaluating different alternatives of prefabricated houses, they opted for this model of Tiny Houses, the tini® module, with an area of ​​34 square meters that houses everything you need.The modular prefab mini house was built in 60 days and a truck transported it to the installation site.In manufacturing, particular attention was paid to thermal insulation since "according to what we have been told, this area alternates periods of extreme cold and extreme heat", comment from Tiny Houses.The design and quality of materials were also objects of attention, opting for a galvanized steel facade and an interior with OSB wood walls and ceilings and oak floors.The module is fully furnished, with custom-made pine wood furniture that includes a sleeping area, a living area with fireplace, a table, an open kitchen and a bathroom.In addition, an external space was created on the foundation platform to accommodate a terrace.The exact location and orientation of the house were chosen with the advice of the producers, who suggested a slightly elevated area overlooking an oak grove, placing the facade with the largest window facing north-west.The owner couple opted for this type of house, planning to build a larger one in a traditional style in the future.But for now, they didn't want to wait.Until they can have their own chalet, this module is a perfect option and will be their home, 100% self-sufficient in terms of electricity, water and sanitation.In addition, it has been placed in an area of ​​the lot that will hide it from future constructions to give it more independence.In this way, when the two houses coexist, the first one can be used as a guest house.