Kentucky floods: Young man and his dog survive on roof

2022-08-01 20:02:26 By : Ms. Bonnie Liu

By entering you acknowledge that you agree with the Privacy NoticeAfter severe flooding in Kentucky, United States, a young woman and her puppy went viral after surviving on the roof of a house.After the serious floods in Kentucky, the photo of a 17-year-old girl went viral, as she swam in order to save the life of her puppy, so both remained on the roof of a house until they were rescued. .According to the girl's father, Terry Adams, Chloe placed her pet named Sandy on a plastic container and swam with it to reach the ceiling and be safe.They remained there for several hours until they were rescued by means of a kayak.Fortunately, the rest of the family was able to shelter in the house of another relative.According to the young woman, the sound of water entering through every drain, window and door of the house, where she lives with her grandfather and her dog, was what woke her up early Thursday morning.The water quickly began to rise, so when it reached her waist she tried to swim with her pet to her uncle's house, where the rest of the family was sheltered, however she noticed that Sandy could not stand the current.So she looked for a way to keep it dry in a container that she put on a cushion so it would float.She then swam and was able to reach the roof of a storage building, as this structure was one of the few that was not submerged.In Kentucky, United States, torrential rains that began on Wednesday caused flash flooding;some areas recorded more than 200 millimeters (mm) of rain in a 24-hour period.Watch: Drone footage captures devastating flash flooding in Kentucky - CNN Video water level broke a record because in a couple of hours it reached seven meters;same that formed rivers between the roads and houses and dragged with the bridges of the town.While wreaking havoc on vital electrical, water, and highway services in Kentucky.On July 31, state governor Andy Beshear announced that at least 28 people, including four children, had died from the flooding;but it is still expected that they will be able to locate several bodies during the next few days.It has also been requested to speed up search and rescue efforts, since by the end of the week the state of the southeastern United States is expected to face oppressive heat.With information from CNN.adn40, always with me.Subscribe to our Telegram channelPeriferico Sur 4121, Col. Fuentes Del Pedregal, CP 14141, Mexico City, Mexico.