Important contribution to the Garrahan Foundation - El Sureño

2022-07-27 04:57:09 By : Mr. Jeff Zhou

El Sureño Newspaper, Tierra del Fuego, ArgentinaRIO GRANDE.- This Monday, 9 tons of recyclable material that was collected in the last six months in the city of Río Grande and Tolhuin arrived at the Garrahan Foundation deposit.In relation to this, the reference of the foundation in the province of Tierra del Fuego, Mónica Becerra, explained that last Friday a truck full of recyclable material left from the city of Río Grande, which "this Monday arrived at the warehouse in Buenos Aires”.The material received consists of all the lids deposited “in the cores and the lateral containers with all the aluminum cans.We also receive the papers that are delivered to us from the different institutions of offices and schools”, as well as the compact discs and their respective boxes in disuse.Becerra indicated that the truck "was received with great joy, because it is a job that is being done and every six months we are sending a truck with all that material that we collect in Río Grande and a part in Tolhuin."On the other hand, she indicated that “we are very happy with this work that is being done, because the neighbors, the children and young people, all accompany us.This could not be achieved without the accompaniment of society, of the institutions, when they have to be separated by color, when we hold the event at the Volunteer Fire Department, where many people come and put on their gloves and start working together with all the collaborators. ”.Becerra also highlighted the work of schools in the city that are responsible for separating plastic caps by color, "the amount of work that is done through the children who are our multipliers in different parts of the city is impressive" .Finally, the referent explained that all the recycled material is sold to companies that reuse them, in the case of aluminum cans, they are sold to a company that makes metal openings, in the case of lids, animal drinking fountains are made, benches, stools, chairs, hangers, brooches and toys.The paper is reused again, becoming toilet paper, wipes, etc.“All this material that is sold and the money goes to pay for the Garrahan house where children with outpatient treatment who live more than 100 km from the capital are housed, whether it is from the Garrahan or Gutiérrez Hospital or the former Casa Cuna, el Elizalde” .In recent times "hearts have been growing for the recycling program of the Garrahan Foundation".She adding that "they started on June 9, 2020 with five hearts inaugurated simultaneously."From that moment on, thanks to the collaboration of businesses and companies, the number of collecting hearts continued to expand.Currently there are 25 hearts (plastic cap deposit points) distributed in different parts of the city."People are already used to gathering them at home and taking them to each container."Likewise, 8 lateral containers are added to them.“These are the ones we need the most, because there are a lot of cans.”There are schools that have an educational project, in which the students work within the recycling program of the Garrahan Foundation.It consists of the color separation of the plastic caps.This allows the foundation to obtain more money from the company that buys the material, “that is why we always do this charitable work of separating them by color, since it is work that the company that buys them does not do and that is why they pay more money that way."Your email address will not be published.Required fields are marked with *