The municipality donates the former Iat structure in Piazza Monte Grappa in Varese.As long as they take it away

2022-06-16 11:37:20 By : Ms. Lisa Lee

The municipality of Varese donates the former Iat structure in Piazza Monte Grappa to those who will dismantle it and take it away.The administration had already tried in 2018 to get rid of the "gabbiotto", the prefabricated structure, but the tender went deserted: no one had found those 26 thousand euros that the administration was asking to sell it convenient.Thus, the notice that the municipality issued at the end of 2021 cut the bull's head, deciding to give it away to those who take the burden of dismantling and taking away the steel structure measuring 13 × 3 meters.The subjects that can request it are only sports, cultural and recreational associations, social enterprises of the third sector, and economic operators: and precisely the sports and cultural associations will be first in the ranking, in the case of multiple applications.The third sector social enterprises will come second, while the economic operators will come to the last.Anyone interested can submit an application by 12 noon on January 31 to the Municipality of Varese: The procedure is on the page of the announcements of the municipality.The web is wonderful as long as passionate minds update it with interesting, pleasant, useful content.I, with my VareseNews colleagues, try every day.Will you support us?Log in or register to comment on this article.The email is required but will not be shown to visitors.The content of this comment expresses the author's thinking and does not represent the editorial line of, which remains autonomous and independent.The messages included in the comments are not journalistic texts, but posts sent by individual readers that can be automatically published without prior filtering.Comments that include one or more links to external sites will be automatically removed from the system.Finally!It even seems to me that there was talk of a cost of 10 thousand euros just to dismantle this "cage".I would like to suggest, if there are no various associations to take charge of it, to give the possibility to disassemble it and take the structure at the first "rutamatt" that requests it.Copyright © 2000 - 2022 rights reserved VareseNews is a trademark of Varese web srl VAT number 02588310124, Via Gianfranco Miglio n.5 - 21045 Gazzada Schianno (VA) Tel. +39.0332.873094 / 873168 Newspaper registered at the Court of Varese n.679 - Director responsible: Marco Giovannelli Cookie settings - Cookie information - Privacy informationOr use your account data:Not registered?Click hereDid you forget your password?Click here