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2022-08-02 16:18:50 By : Ms. Sunny Yao

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We asked our readers, “We talk a lot about mental health when it comes to employers and employees, but what about benefits professionals?” Here’s what you said.

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"Plaintiff, who had only been on the job for about six months, was one of four billing representatives from his department who PATHS determined could not work remotely because they needed supervision based on their lack of experience, a need for further training, and other issues," the judge said.

Budget-based Benefits: A New Approach to Renewals

The typical plan renewal process frustrates employers because it doesn’t focus on what really matters to them. Total plan cost isn’t the number that employers are really concerned about--they are concerned with the amount that they pay. Download this ebook and learn about a completely different way of approaching the renewal conversation, one that employers love.

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Webinar Case Study: How Los Angeles Regional Food Bank Tackled Employee Benefits During COVID

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how you can help your clients tackle improving their employee health benefits during hard times without changing their medical carrier; allowing their employees to access healthcare when they need it and not just when they could afford it.

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