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2022-06-15 15:03:45 By : Ms. Amanda zhang

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Plane toilets are often very cramped and can sometimes be a bit filthy. But according to one flight attendant, there’s a reason why they wouldn’t recommend using the toilet paper.

Cabin crew member @flightbae.b shares advice and tips for passengers on their TikTok account.

They said: “Use the tissue paper as opposed to the toilet paper.

“When turbulence hits and little boys who are pointing and shooting, they kind of shoot everywhere.

“That usually ends up on the toilet paper so if you don’t want that kind of stuff in your nether regions, use the tissue paper.”

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They said the tissue paper for drying hands is usually placed a lot higher up and will have been missed by any spray.

They said: “It’s cleaner, so just use that instead of the toilet paper.”

Toilet paper on a plane can also be pretty poor quality so passengers might want to bring a tissue with them when they visit the loo.

Passengers aren’t supposed to go to the toilet during turbulence but it could sometimes hit without warning.

Normally the cabin crew will put the seatbelt signs on when turbulence hits and passengers aren’t supposed to leave their seats.

If it’s an emergency passengers could try asking the crew if they can go to the toilet but the attendants might say no.

While turbulence normally feels a lot more dramatic on the plane than it actually is, someone could still fall and have an accident.

If the plane toilet paper is noticeably dirty, passengers could ask the crew to provide a fresh roll.

Although plane toilets aren’t the most attractive areas on an aeroplane, it doesn’t stop passengers using them.

In 2015, a British Airways flight was forced to land early after one passenger did an extremely smelly poo.

The plane was airborne for just 30 minutes before it had to turn around on its journey to Dubai.

At the time BA said it took the decision to return to Heathrow for the “safety and comfort of our customers”.

In another unfortunate plane toilet incident, a man in Windsor was splattered with poo from a passing aeroplane.

According to the victim, the poo covered his garden in the very rare and unpleasant incident.

Sewage waste is normally stored in a secure tank on the plane and disposed of after it lands.

However, it is thought low air pressure could have caused some faeces to leak from the plane during the Windsor incident.

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