Former consul in the DR denounces international community boycotting internal agreements in Haiti — El Nacional

2022-07-31 21:21:00 By : Ms. lily qiu

Santo Domingo.- The former consul of Haiti in the Dominican Republic Edwin Paraison asked the United States to help Haiti by controlling the growing arrivals of firearms and ammunition from that nation, which generate so much violence and feed the criminal gangs that terrorize the population. Haitian.Paraison said that in his country there is a phenomenon not seen anywhere in the world, that the international community has promoted the federation of these gangs that have caused hundreds of deaths in the neighboring nation.He denounced that there is a plot against Haiti, and it is not yet known if it is because of the natural resources that are known to exist in that country.Interviewed by Héctor Herrera Cabral on the D'AGENDA program that is broadcast every Sunday on Telesistema Channel 11 and TV Quisqueya for the United States, the president of the Zile Foundation said he did not understand why the international community does not give more support to his country to that he can get out of the crisis he is going through.He added that what is happening in his country is extremely worrying, and a certain behavior of that international community in the face of the crisis, but on this occasion there is a very particular approach with respect to the United States regarding the trafficking of arms from North American territory and that arrive at the hands of organized crime in Haiti.“Today it is Haiti that asks the United States for collaboration to help us control the growing arrival of weapons and ammunition that feed the violence, that have caused so many victims in Haiti, and that feed the gangs, gangs that very unfortunately they were also federated, which has not been seen anywhere in the world, that the international community has promoted the federation of gangs in Haiti”, he insisted.He recalled that weapons are not manufactured in his country, and therefore these weapons come from somewhere and, until now, most of them that have been confiscated come from the United States, specifically from the ports of the Florida.He gave as an example the case of the Episcopal Church, to which he belongs, which two weeks ago had a very difficult situation, because a group used the name of that church, and its exoneration, to transport to Haiti a container in which there were Firearms.“But the ship arrived in Haiti from Florida, the company that handled all this is located in that North American state, and it also happened with the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, that there are at least four to five elements that would have participated in the assassination that have ties to the United States,” Paraison lamented.He explained that the company that set up the entire operation for the assassination of the ill-fated president is registered in Florida, who appears as the head of the criminal plot is a doctor, allegedly a pastor, an American-Haitian named Emmanuel Sanon, and the assault on the The presidential house "was built under the cover of the DEA, that is, when they arrived they used megaphones saying they were from the DEA."“But another element is that within that person there were two former DEA agents, two former informants from that US anti-drug agency, so the United States has to help, they are taking some actions, for example, there are two people linked to the crime who have been extradited to that northern nation that are being prosecuted,” he argued.He stressed that the question of the weapons that are arriving in Haiti in such a fluid way has to be controlled, and it is from the United States that they are arriving, for the most part.