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2022-07-30 22:49:01 By : Mr. Hebe Lee

SUBSCRIBE NOW Only $3.5 per monthA trip to visit his family in Haiti changed the life of a young man who was studying in Texas, because he found a baby lying in the garbage covered in ants, which he ended up adopting.Brave Jimmy picked up the little boy and took him to his mother, Elicie Jean, 66.They both cleaned, dressed and fed him before going to see a doctor.Later they notified the authorities about the minor and, because the authorities could not find the parents of the baby, a judge asked Jimmy to become the legal guardian of the child.The young man accepted and named little Emilio Angel Jeremiah.It was in 2017 when fate brought Jimmy together with Emilio Angel, since adolescence the young man had helped in the orphanage next to his house, and on that trip, he brought gifts for the children.It was just as he was on his way to the orphanage that he saw several people looking into a dumpster, he stepped forward and saw that there was a four month old baby inside of it.A Texas college student, 27 has adopted a baby he found in the trash who was covered in ants and distressed while he was on vacation in Haiti.Brave Jimmy scooped up the baby and took him home to his mother Elicie Jean, 66, where they washed, clothed and fed 👏 & 😥 pic.twitter.com/Hrzid95V2o"When I woke up that day, I didn't know that my life was about to change forever," he said.“People were crowding around this container and I heard them discussing what to do with this little baby.Everyone was staring at him, not a single soul wanted to help,” Jimmy recalled."He was crying and he had no clothes on and I could see the pain in his eyes, he had to do something," he added.After taking him to his mother and cleaning him, they checked him out at the doctor because his body was covered in ant bites from the garbage.After the police investigated and did not find his biological parents, the then 22-year-old had to make one of the most important decisions of his life.“When I was asked to raise him, I stayed up for days tossing and turning, trying to make a decision.I was already behind on my college fees and my family has always struggled to make ends meet.But I didn't have a father while he was growing up, and this poor boy faced a life of instability and uncertainty.“Something inside me was telling me that this had happened for a reason, so I took a leap of faith.Sometimes you don't have to know what to do, you just have to be ready to do it,” he detailed.Four and a half years after agreeing to raise the baby, the bond they have developed is very special.Jimmy studies at the university and works, the young man divides his time between the United States and Gonaives, Haiti, where his mother takes care of Emilio.Now the kind young man has applied to formally adopt the little boy, to officially become his father.It may interest you: * Bolivian man is arrested after selling his newborn daughter online for $287 * Missouri mother would have burned her daughter who she gave up for adoption thinking she was dead after drugging her * She found her biological mother 20 years later and discovered that they had been closer than expected RELATED TOPICS Adoption of minors Haiti Texashave you forgotten your password?remember mePlease check your details and try againYour account does not have any active subscription.Subscribe again hereDon't have an account yet?Sign up hereDear subscriber, you must generate a new password for El Diario NY.Please check your email to get your new password to access El Diario NY.Thanks for being a subscriber!you have free items leftUnlimited access to news from your community