How to put a prefab balcony on the facade

2022-06-16 06:24:30 By : Ms. Jessica Gan

The materials and techniques used to insert a structure outside the building to be connected to one's home in a few hours.Do you need permission?Your company has decided that you have to work from home most of the week.And in the summer, from early spring to late autumn, you would like to put your computer in an outdoor spot in the house.The problem is, your apartment only has windows.And you think: "I almost make myself a balcony."Which may seem like a major undertaking: who knows what works are needed, how many technical difficulties to create it from scratch and to attach it to the building.And then the noises, the concrete, the dust.Today, you don't need any (or almost) of all this: you just need to know how to put a prefabricated balcony on the facade.Or, at least, know who to contact because you can't find a prefabricated balcony at Ikea, torn apart in a box with assembly instructions.However, there are some interesting solutions on the market because they give the possibility to design the balcony according to your needs.Different materials and sizes to add an extra external element to your home.Which arrives more or less already done: there is "only" to attach it to the facade.But can a company with a prefabricated balcony to put on the facade of the building really come to you?Of course: today there are prefabricated systems (the structure in wood, steel or aluminum) and the windows to give brightness to the room that is created.In any case, they have a walking surface and a parapet that respects the measures and heights required by safety regulations.If made in aluminum they can be customized, for example, with colors suited to those of the facade.On aluminum monoblocks, Aluscalae from Bologna is the best known company in the panorama of prefabricated balconies.As mentioned, there is the possibility to customize the various elements.Assembly does not require a lot of time or complicated interventions on the facade.First of all, the supporting elements to the balcony structure are fixed to the floor with dowels and special resins.Then, the structure of the lower perimeter of the monobloc is anchored, whose measurements depend on those of the walkable surface when the work is finished.Third phase, the insertion of the vertical uprights and the upper horizontal handrail.Finally, when the "skeleton" of the balcony has been fixed, the floor and parapet panels are installed.And your balcony is ready.The Austrian MAGE Gehring GmbH, on the other hand, proposes the technique based on aluminum extrusion combined with elements for thermal insulation composite systems and dry prefabrication for prefabricated balconies.Techniques that led to the creation of the BalVario balcony with eight extruded aluminum profiles and zinc die-cast fittings.It is possible to envisage a multi-story development, so it is a good solution for apartment buildings, offices, etc.Also in this case, the installation is carried out within a few hours.For those who love a more "rustic" solution, it is possible to think of installing a prefabricated wooden balcony which, as it happens, arrives in Trentino-Alto Adige.Usually, they are installed in villages or mountain towns, so these balconies - always customizable - comply with the standards and technological solutions relating to thermal bridges that do not allow the passage of cold air inside the building.Maintenance is minimal.The top of the ridges would be to be able to install a prefabricated balcony in an attic, to enjoy a sunny day in front of a beautiful panorama.Also in this case, there are specialized companies such as Velux or Fakro that propose solutions halfway between the balcony and the window.The structure is inserted into pitched roofs and are made with a vasistas opening and with an opening element in which there is obviously a railing.To find out if you need permission to build for the construction (or rather, for fixing to the facade) of a prefabricated balcony, you need to look at the law and jurisprudence.According to a Presidential Decree of 2001 [1], urban transformation interventions that require the authorization of the Municipality constitute "building renovation interventions that lead to a building organization that is totally or partially different from the previous one and that involve changes in the overall volume of the buildings or prospectuses, or that, limited to the properties included in homogeneous zones A, involve changes in the intended use, as well as interventions that involve changes in the shape of buildings subject to restrictions ".Does the construction of a balcony, therefore, which also requires the opening of a French door on the facade to be accessed from inside the building, require a permit?According to the Tar of Campania, yes.In a judgment [2], the administrative judges explained that the inclusion of a balcony in a building implies an increase in the accessory surface and modifies the elevations.The TAR bases its decision on the decree mentioned above.The Campania Administrative Court also recalled that if the intervention is done without permission, the order for the demolition of the illegal part is triggered (in this case, the prefabricated balcony would be dismantled).the notes indicated in the article are missingEmail (required if you want to receive notifications)Notify me when a new comment is addedSign up to stay informed and updated.Follow our director on YoutubeOr subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date."The Law for All" is a newspaper founded by the lawyer.Angelo Greco and registered with the Court of Cosenza, NGR 243/2016 - 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