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2022-06-15 15:04:12 By : Mr. Bryce Chan

In-Tenta designed the Tenzo, an environmentally friendly and foundation-less mobile home that has three bedrooms that can sleep up to six people.

Barcelona-based In-Tenta is a creative "modular design" studio company that specializes in unique urban installation, product, and tiny home designs. The company — which was founded in 2012 — also has a specific focus on creating designs that reflect In-Tenta's emphasis on "functionality, sustainability, and modularity."

The Tenzo — which the company says is Japanese for "master of ceremonies" — tiny home on wheels is a direct example of In-Tenta's three cornerstone themes.

The mobile home, which was designed to be both functional and Earth-friendly, comes with all of the typical rooms found in traditional houses, such as a kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and an outdoor space in the form of a shaded terrace.

Tenzo starts at $38,064 and is available in Europe, although one order needs to include a minimum of eight units. Keep scrolling to see inside the tiny home on wheels, which In-Tenta calls a "vacation house on wheels":