Phone in Toilet: Enter the toilet with a phone! Do you know that you may be infected with a deadly virus? | Using your phone in toilet: Know best ways how you are jeopardising your health | PiPa News

2022-07-24 08:30:19 By : Mr. longchang chen

Mobile (Mobile Phone) is a very useful thing. Anyone can be contacted from anywhere through a smartphone? However, apart from communication, multiple office tasks can also be done on mobile. Even songs can be heard, videos can be seen. Many people enter the toilet with the phone (Phone In Toilet). The problem is that when they come out of the toilet, they bring with them something that will send a shock wave through your body. Most of the people in the world are already addicted to smart phones. Even many people look at their mobile first when they wake up. Mobile is definitely a necessity now. It is not possible to do any work if there is no mobile next to it. So entering the toilet with mobile in hand is not acceptable in any way. Entering the toilet with a mobile phone can lead to several serious health problems.

No matter how clean you are outside, many people do not pay attention to toilet hygiene after entering the house. There are many small things that if not followed, there is a risk of having extremely negative effects on health. One such thing is washing hands properly after using the toilet. After going to the toilet one should wash both hands by rubbing them properly for about forty seconds. In that case, if there is any bacteria or virus on hand, it is destroyed. However, the toilet user cannot wash his hands properly due to having a phone in his hand. After that he eats with that hand without washing his hands properly. As a result, harmful viruses and bacteria can enter the stomach. Even if you touch the genitals without washing your hands thoroughly, bacterial-viral infections can occur there. It can cause diarrhea and digestive problems, urinary tract infection! Horrible problems can stop the pace of our daily life. Can make us sick.

If you sit on the toilet holding a mobile phone for a long time, there is extra pressure on the internal organs including the anus. This can also lead to problems with fissures and piles.

Every toilet is full of horrible bacteria. If you enter the toilet with a mobile phone, such bacteria can stick on the mobile phone. Subsequently, there is a risk of the bacteria entering the mouth from the hands.

Toilets should only be used for lightening. So don’t enter the toilet with mobile phone. But many people take a long time to defecate. So they entered the toilet with mobile phones. Such a person should exercise before entering the toilet. You can also eat a few spoons of bhushi at night and in the morning. These two measures will clear the stomach quickly. You don’t have to sit on the toilet for a long time. Many people also do office work while sitting on the toilet. Remember that office stress interferes with normal physiological functions. In that case, daily use of mobile phone in office work can cause constipation problem. Besides, if you have a habit of listening to music, try to keep the mobile outside the toilet and add an amplifier with it. In this way, prevent yourself from using the smartphone inside the toilet and stay healthy.