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2022-07-19 19:08:28 By : Ms. Katherine Liu

Having a swimming pool at home is the dream of many people.For many it has always been, for others it has become this year since we are spending much more time at home due to the health crisis.Today this dream can come true thanks to prefabricated swimming pools.Habitissimo's experts present us the best inexpensive prefabricated pools for your garden, whether interested or above ground.The in-ground, semi-in-ground or above-ground pools are pools made with pre-built elements.Often, materials such as concrete, resin and steel are used to manufacture them.The tanks can be divided into panels which will then be mounted on site, or sold in a monobloc version.A qualitatively valid and quick solution to create is the prefabricated concrete swimming pool.The installation of this structure is carried out after having built the concrete floor slab, after which the walls are assembled, that is, the prefabricated panels, held together by a metal reinforcement.Subsequently, concrete is poured between the panels to obtain a smooth surface that can be coated as desired.The great advantage of this type of pool is its long life.The turnkey costs range from € 14,500 to € 20,000, depending on the size.Prefabricated steel panel pools are among the simplest to install and inexpensive.The structure is made by joining together prefabricated panels that make assembly particularly fast and allow you to save time and money.This type of structure also has numerous positive characteristics that should not be underestimated.First of all, the steel panels are solid and elastic and withstand external pressures well.In addition, they adapt easily to any terrain.But how much is it?For a prefabricated pool in turnkey steel panels, including the cost of material, installation, excavation and disposal of debris, it ranges from € 14,000 to € 19,000.The fiberglass monobloc pool is one of the simplest solutions to install.After completing the excavation, just place the tank and it's done.The tricky part lies in transporting the pool which, in thecase of large structures must be made with exceptional means.A further limitation is the fact that these pools need perfectly stable ground to prevent cracks in the structure, which are not easy to repair.The turnkey costs range from € 16,500 to € 19,000.The prefabricated pools in Isoblok consist of a concrete base and walls built with polystyrene formworks, inside which the concrete is cast.This is an easy solution, as there are no constructive complications that would occur using traditional wooden formwork.Another advantage of polystyrene cashiers is that they allow thermal insulation, which allows for a higher and more constant water temperature.The cost of this type of swimming pool ranges from € 13,000 to € 19,000.In addition to prefabricated pools, there are particularly original and innovative solutions that not only can save time and money and help to respect the environment.Some companies, for example, deal with the transformation of shipping containers into delightful swimming pools that can be installed in the blink of an eye.These are 100% sustainable projects whose cost is also lower than that of traditional structures.Shipping containers are in fashion.Lately we have seen them transformed into urban gardens, vacation lodgings, offices and even prefab homes.And it doesn't stop there.The Canadian company Modpool has decided to transform these metal giants into curious home pools that can be installed in a few minutes.Australian architect, designer and artist Nicole Larkin has photographed the multitude of swimming pools that line the shores of New South Wales in Australia for years.She now she has collected them in a photographic project, so here is The Wild Edge.These "coastal pools" exploit the morphological anomalies of the territory to set small pearls from which to enjoy a boundless panorama between one swim and another.Ocean pools have a rich history in New South Wales and continue to be a landmark within local coastal communities.From Bali to Australia, via London and Madrid.We found 10 spectacular pools that challenge anyone with a fear of heights.And yes, it can be said that they were made with the bravest in mind.In this gallery we show you some projects whose beauty can really be "chilling".