Ever heard of LSF houses?What are lightweight steel constructions - idealista / news

2022-06-15 14:57:58 By : Ms. Christy Pan

LSF stands for 'Light Steel Frame' which means lightweight steel construction.LSF houses are characterized by a light structure based on a galvanized steel skeleton that allows a very fast dry construction, as well as ensuring the efficiency of the building from the point of view of sustainability.LSF houses are built with lightweight steel as a structural material.The steel profiles are coated in order to create greater rigidity to the structure and support the insulating and waterproofing materials, as well as the necessary internal and external finishes.Although steel is the most widely used building material in the world due to its versatility, stability and longevity, masonry construction is still the most widely used.When we talk about masonry we refer to the set of materials (bricks, stones) that are used to construct the walls or foundations of a building.Usually, masonry is combined with reinforced concrete, which, in essence, is concrete with the addition of elements of steel, fibers or other materials.Due to the diversity of materials and the way they are applied, LSF construction and masonry construction have some differences which are important to point out.However, even though brick construction remains at the forefront, lightweight steel houses are gaining more and more prominence in the construction market.Although the advantages of this construction method are very attractive, when choosing it must be taken into account that LSF houses also have disadvantages, such as not being suitable for the construction of very tall buildings, as the height can compromise stability. of the structure.Before making any decisions, it is important to research these solutions so that you can clear up all doubts and give this innovative construction method a chance.Not only in wood and masonry.Prefabricated steel houses are also attracting more and more interest.Let's find out how much a modular building house built with this material can costModular building offers “tailor-made” solutions and energy efficiency levels that are difficult to replicate from traditional buildings.Let's find out, in detail, why choose a prefabricated steel house by highlighting its characteristics and prices