Dango's A10 Holster Backplate with MT05 Multitool Turns Your Wallet Into Tactical Gear

2022-07-23 15:39:39 By : Mr. jackyson pang

Dango Products wants to prep you for any emergencies while out on the road, at work, or during survival situations. Its A10 Holster Backplate with Dango MT05 multitool easily turns any of its modular A10 Adapt Series wallets into a technical tool. 

Simply strap it onto the chassis of your favorite A10 Adapt wallet so you have your utility tools on hand. This is a great addition to your everyday carry because it offers you multiple tools to work with. It’s an all-around survival gear with a gutter or seat belt cutter, a chisel, an O2 oxygen wrench, and a nail pryer and flat head to get you out of sticky situations. 

Moreover, it has the quintessential bottle opener, a hammer head, a serrated and sharp edge for cutting, two rope tensioners, a hook point, and a standard 1/4” inch hex wrench. Other hex wrench sizes include 3/8″, 1/2″, and 7/16″. The MT05 multi-tool easily slides into the proprietary DTEX Holster attached to the A10 wallet’s backplate. The backplate also doubles as an RFID blocker to protect your sensitive information from data theft. 

The A10 Holster Backplate with Dango MT05 originates from the A10 Spec-Ops Edition. This means it boasts durable and robust construction made only from high-quality materials. The backplate is from 6061 aerospace aluminum with stainless steel mil-spec screws, and high carbon, heat-treated stainless steel MT05 Multi-Tool.

Conveniently, you don’t have to remove both the A10 Holster Backplate and the MT05 multitool when you want access to your cards. The tool has a dedicated finger insert so you can easily slide a card out. The insert also doubles as grip support when using the MT05 multi-tool.

Images courtesy of Dango Products

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