Prefabricated Steel Houses: Everything You Need to Know |LIGNIUS

2022-07-23 02:35:19 By : Ms. Jade Cao

Steel houses have also begun to take hold in our country: let's see how they are made, what are their advantages and how much they cost.Robustness, high insulation coefficient, safety: houses built in steel are starting to gain considerable acclaim even in the small residential construction sector thanks to their undoubted strengths.Steel offers remarkable anti-seismic safety and a good resistance time even in case of fire, it is resistant to bacteria and molds and, if properly treated, it is not afraid of rust and corrosion.From an ecological point of view, steel frame constructions, if combined with walls made with the correct insulating materials, can drastically reduce energy consumption, settling rightfully in the passive houses or NZEB sector.When it comes to this type of construction, it should be noted that steel is present above all in the framework (steelframe) and in any external decorative coating, where steel can show off its extraordinary qualities of ductility.This iron and carbon alloy is in fact particularly suitable for the construction of high-strength frames which, combined with the latest generation systems (heat pumps, photovoltaic systems) give life to modern and low-impact buildings.At first glance it would not seem like it, yet they exist, and not even a few.Let's start with the structure: the load-bearing frame of wooden houses is made almost identical to that present in steel houses, made by joining together H-beams using bolts or special hooks.Another point in common is shipbuilding: when a wooden house is built, construction times are extremely short and the site area is clean and tidy, without accumulating materials and the need to mix with cement and water.The same goes for the steel house, built by applying walls to the load-bearing frame that are often very similar to those of green building houses.It is difficult to express oneself on this as the possibilities to customize them, both in terms of panels and finishes, are practically infinite and consequently make costs vary greatly.On average, we can say that the cost is slightly higher than houses built with traditional materials, but we must take into account the savings in terms of construction time and the need for maintenance, which are decidedly reduced.The price range per square meter varies between 1100 and 1700 Euros.Are you interested in the themes of modern green building?Have you decided that your next home will be made of wood?Lignius is the leading national portal in the sector.Many informative and up-to-date practical guides on all aspects related to green building, in-depth data sheets of the most established and reliable manufacturers, market news, certified suppliers, many ideas for building and furnishing and a blog full of news and curiosities about world of green building.If you love wood you have found the right place.More than 7,000 employees, a turnover that exceeds one and a half billion euros.The network of Lignius companies is the most active national network in the sector.Companies, technicians and professionals share the founding values ​​promoted by Lignius and work in synergy, mutually benefiting from the skills networked.Being part of the Lignius network means co-branding at the highest levels.A great flywheel of visibility and promotion.Being in a network with other companies in the sector allows each partner to reach, through the tools made available by Lignius, a public already selected and interested in the issues proposed by green building.Being part of the network automatically certifies the quality of your company, making it even more solid and credible in the eyes of customers.Our wide range of products such as web portal, company profile, projects, visibility on the Magazine, advertising banners, sending DEMs and newsletters, company news, events, presence on the Facebook and Twitter page, allows your company to communicate with the largest industry community.Become a Lignius Partner and automatically access our products and services.Being Lignius Partner has its advantages Contact us