Lightning eMotors to offer wireless EV charging after 2023 demos

2023-01-13 01:24:28 By : Ms. Sabrina Xia

EV conversion specialist Lightning eMotors is the latest automaker to try and deliver wireless EV charging to its vehicles. The company announced a collaboration with wireless charging provider HEVO Inc. to implement a program that demonstrates the technology on a Lightning eMotors EV.

Lightning eMotors ($ZEV) designs, engineers, customizes, and manufactures a variety of EVs to support a wide array of needs for its fleet customers. Although the company began in specialized electric conversions of existing platforms developed by other OEMs like Ford and Chevrolet, it began offering its customers purpose-built EVs on its own proprietary platform earlier this year. 22kW EV Charging Specialists

Lightning eMotors to offer wireless EV charging after 2023 demos

In addition to building EVs, Lightning eMotors dabbles in other EV technologies, like integrating autonomous capabilities as well as charging infrastructure under its Lightning Mobile arm. Now, the conversion specialist looks to add another emerging technology to its repertoire – wireless EV charging.

We’ve seen other companies like Volvo Cars try something similar but for passenger EVs. With the help of HEVO Inc., Lightning eMotors looks to implement wireless charging throughout its lineup of fleet vehicles and intends to demonstrate these capabilities in a few months.

The company shared details of its collaboration with HEVO in a press release today, which will begin with an integration phase followed by demonstrations of HEVO’s Rezonant E8 technology wirelessly charging an EV on Lightning eMotors ZEV3 platform (seen above) at the latter’s HQ in Colorado.

HEVO’s current Rezonant E8 wireless solution delivers 8 kW rates intended for overnight charging. That being said, HEVO states its road map includes wireless charging delivery rates expanding to 11 kW, 50 kW, and eventually 100-300 kW. HEVO founder and CEO Jeremy McCool elaborated:

We are impressed with Lightning eMotors’ high-quality products and focus on innovation. Our collaboration will enable significant benefits for fleet operators seeking a more convenient and seamless charging experience. Busy drivers can forget to plug in, potentially creating the need for charging attendants. Cords can create a variety of operational challenges including OSHA and union safety concerns associated with wired devices. We believe this collaboration will establish the industry standard for charging EV fleets and provide a complete solution to customers seeking a wireless charging experience.

Following the initial demonstrations in Colorado, both companies intend to showcase the ZEV3 capable of wireless charging to fleet customers throughout North America before attempting to expand the technology to additional fleet EVs. Lightning eMotors cofounder and CEO, Tim Reeser, shared his own thoughts on the collaboration with HEVO:

We are excited to be first-to-market with medium-duty production vehicles equipped with wireless charging. Lightning has deployed hundreds of commercial electric vehicles with fleets throughout North America and we understand that any opportunity to cost-effectively simplify EV operations for our customers is a win for everyone. We are committed to continued innovation in fleet electrification and excited to partner with HEVO on wireless charging solutions to streamline zero-emission vehicle projects and accelerate commercial EV adoption.

Lightning eMotors and HEVO Inc. expect the ZEV3 to be ready for wireless charging demonstrations in Q1 of 2023. Perhaps we take a trip to Colorado to see it in action?

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Lightning eMotors to offer wireless EV charging after 2023 demos

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